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Things to know

 Renting Affordable Jeeps Cars |  Anguilla Car Rental 

 Q:Anguilla Rental car company on-line that's Honest and reliable?

A: There are just over five major Anguilla car Rental firms.

Wendell Connor's car Rental in Anguilla! A Professional owned family business which started in 1982 offering Clean, Affordable, Newer left-hand drive, Comfortable and Safe, one of the most experienced car rental agencies in Anguilla. 

Anguilla Automobile Rental  Fleet

Q: What type, make, model or brand Cars, Jeep can we hire on the island of Anguilla?

A: All Cars, Island 4x4 jeep, SUVs and Minivans are listed on our website, the photographs are of the particular Rental Cars in Anguilla, Which ever vehicle of your selection will be the vehicle you'll receive on your visit to Anguilla.

Save bundle on low cost automobile  Rentals in Anguilla

Q: What is Anguilla Car rental Rates, I am on a budget

A: Anguilla car rentals rates starts from US $30.00 to $80.00 per day, depending on your preference (economy, compact, full size Cars, small and large SUVs, island 4x4 Jeep wranglers or family size Minivans. Please ask about discount car rental rates, weekly, monthly and off-season.

  Car Rentals Anguilla Safety

Q: Will my Rental Car Anguilla be safe and reliable?

A: Yes:Our Taxi and motor vehicle Rental Company Anguilla are very reliable and friendly, our Car Rental Company fleet is created of newer model vehicles with low mileage, very clean, comfortable and reliable, mostly left-hand drive vehicles with automatic transmission, Air conditioning, power windows and power steering. We also offer free pickup and delivery, 24hr emergency road side assistance, Call 264-235-7755/5777.

Car Rental in Anguilla Booking online 

Q:How will I am able to certify my on-line booking was completed correctly?

A: Complete your Anguilla rental car booking online, the website will automatically send you a confirmation number through the email address you entered, a follow-up email will also be sent from our car rental agent giving you more instructions or answering any question(s) you may have asked. We can be contacted via telephone 264-497-8305 or 264-584-0426.

Where Can we collect our Anguilla Rental Car  

Q: How do I collect my Rental Car in Anguilla?

A: Your rental car maybe delivered to any location on the island free of charge. If you'd wish to acquire your hire car at the Clayton J Lloyd Airport or Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, an agent will meet you upon arrival on the date and time specified with your booking.

Driving in Anguilla License and permit

Q : Can we drive the gorgeous island of Anguilla with my USA or different  international driver's license

A : No, To drive in Anguilla you must obtain a temporary driver's license / permit a tax base by the government of Anguilla. Please see price and type of temporary license below, these license / permit maybe purchase, collected  and authorized by our Anguilla car rental company.

  • $15.00 license/ permit valid for 3 days
  • $25.00 License/ permit valid for 3 months 


Wendell Connor's Car Rental  welcomes you to Anguilla!

Tranquility wrapped in blue seas and white sand beaches.



Welcome to Anguilla the land of beautiful beaches with lust white sand 

Many ask why Anguilla! what is there on this faraway little Caribbean island to see or do hmmm! most visitors and investor was very surprise for what there saw when there arrived on Anguilla. Although Anguilla is one of the smallest British over seas territory its have all the modern essentials like Electricity, water, phone (land and mobile)  but also internet and Wi-Fi connection around the island, over the year Anguilla was able to evolve its modes of transportation not only on land but by sea and air, most of Anguilla main roads are paved making it easy and safe to drive around the island, Anguilla vehicles drive on the left-hand side of the road, most of the cars are Right-hand drive make it very difficult for most Americans to drive a right hand vehicle but you can get a reliable left-hand drive car from at Wendell Connor's Car rental  an island professional car rental company since 1982, which stared offer visitor of Anguilla with newer hire Cars, Jeeps, SUV’s and mini-vans, they also have taxi and tour transfer vehicles for all class, type and size.

Anguilla were able to master the sea with regulator schedule ferry shuttle service from Dutch and French St.Maarten/St.Martin "but wait what if I am in a rush or just want to have exclusive water taxi" you can charter a boat for fishing trips, round the island tours or to take you to any neighbouring island. Anguilla have a unique international airport (Clayton J Lloyd international Airport) so getting to and from Anguilla is accessible from any part of the world. Let us talk a bit about Anguilla culture, 95% of the island people speak English and of color people, very friendly & kind honest and hardworking people, always willing to help and make visitor and locals happy and feel at home. This island national currency is EC dollar (eastern Caribbean money) but you will find that the US dollar is mostly used, reason for this is that tourism and foreign investment are the two main drive industries on Anguilla. Mostly everything must be imported from overseas, like building materials and food products but there are local farmers and fishermen, the local agriculture provides fruits and vegetables that can be found at stalls or most supermarkets. The men of the sea provide the island people and restaurants with fresh fish of all kinds, lobsters and crayfish, you may wonder if they will be enough for you and your family when you visit Anguilla the answer is YES there everything from hardware stores to multiple supermarkets around Anguilla. (to continue please check back at a later date)