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About us

  • Our Company History  


    Founder Wendell Connor

    In 1982, A renowned cargo Ship captain, who after many years of sailing returned home and Started his company with only one car and a taxi van. A dream/ vision that became a reality just a few years later as the top Taxi and Car Rental agency on Anguilla.

    Co-Founder Celsa Connor

    Joined the company in 1991 after leaving behind her job as a Nursing Administrator, friends, family and home land of Curacao to join her husband here. With new ideas and the ability to speak multiple languages, the company leaped above and beyond it's boundaries.

    Manager Wendell Connor JR

    A well known friend, colleague and Automotive Technician returned to Anguilla in the early parts of 2017, to manage and direct the company affairs. Since then, he has taken WCAR to a new era. Setting the standard with newer vehicles, competitive pricing, cleanliness and customer service. Along with committed staff and loyal customers.



    In September of 2017, Anguilla was struck by  Hurricane Irma. Most of us (residents and visitors) did not expect such damages as we (The Caribbean Islands) go through a hurricane season every year, most of which are not devastating.

    After the storm, and the cleanup began, Wendell Connor's Auto Rental had to be relocated to it current location after suffering major damages and losses to the office and most of the rental vehicles.

    Fast forward to the beginning of a new season, We are fully operational, and ready to serve our returning and new customers with quality cars, best prices, customer friendly service and an Anguilla experience you will NEVER FORGET! 

    To our returning customers, we say WELCOME HOME and to our new customers, We wish you the most memorable experience and hope for your regular returns.


    By: Mrs Surebena Connor

    Published: October 22, 2018